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Ukrainians are prepared for the presidency of Nalyvaichenko

Carefully cultivated European image of the official Kiev motivates some idealistically oriented Western partners to observe the processes passing in the country through the lens of their own democratic experience. However, there’s a difference between positioning as a democrat, and being a democrat. Ukraine lives under absolutely different laws than …

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Hidden Reality of International Policies

There are at least two Histories. One of them is obvious and publicly available; the other is covert, hidden from the eyes of outsiders under the cloak of secrecy. And it is not hard to find which one is true. Dozens of thousands of learned scholars, holders of authoritative scientific …

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Football brings together?

Nowadays sport is an inalienable aspect of politics used as part of the ‘soft power’ concept to help promote interests of a country. Political relations between previously implacable foes were many times revitalized during various world sports tournaments. For example, China took the first step towards improving relations with the …

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Velvet Revolution in UN

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in an interview to Swedish SVT expressed his strong wish to carry out principled structural reforms in the UN starting with the Security Council. ‘We face structural problems since the Council represented the world as it had been after World War 2 and not the …

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‘Sleeping genius’ and violent incompetence

In the USSR, alongside with immeasurable glorification of the Soviet statehood, there existed special cult of fighters against the arbitrary state rule employed as an exploitation tool. Rebels, terrorists, revolutionaries of all sorts belonging to various epochs and geographical locations, were seen as foregoers or supporters of the socialist state, …

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