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Domestic Policy of Portugal. Media Review

The ‘Portuguese miracle’ of Prime Minister Costa was short though he refused the austerity measures to overcome the outcomes of the financial crisis 2013, Bloomberg notes. The errors in the Prime Minister’s strategy are proved by the GDP growth rate decrease, which, according to the International Monetary Fund, has become …

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Political Situation in Sudan. Media Review

The Guardian points at the background appeared for gradual stabilization of the situation in Sudan after military coup d’état. According to Al Monitor, retirement of the Minister of Defense Auf who first headed the transitional Military Council (MC), and al-Burhan’s appointment by the head of that executive body were important …

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On the Domestic Policy in Greece. Media Review

Reuters draws attention to strengthening of the left tendency in the economic policy of the Greek government. Previously, Prime Minister Tsipras initiated increase of state expenses for the social needs, and now he declared realization of new transformations package aiming to increase standards of living, Spiegel reports. According to Kathimerini, …

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