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Making Friends Against Whom? Media review

According to experts, the EU is adjusting its approach to cooperation with the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Now Brussels that has previously blamed Beijing for carrying out expansionist policies in the economic sphere, and threatened to limit the partnership area shows its willingness to develop ties with China. And …

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Family Dispute. Media review

According to analysts, the escalation of trade disputes between the USA and Canada can lead to a systemic crisis between the two countries. As the Globe and Mail writes, non-diplomatic insults of President Trump against Prime Minister Trudeau at the G-7 Summit evoked widespread reaction within Canadian elite that called …

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Pax Indica. Media review

The government of India is planning to make adjustments to foreign policy of the country. For instance, the authorities have arrived at the conclusion that they have been giving insufficient attention to South-East Asia. As the Straits Times notes, ‘Delhi actually has surrendered the initiative to Beijing that is intensifying …

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A punch in the underbelly: press review

European and American media outlets note Beijing’s efforts to intensify its cooperation with natural resource-rich states of Latin America. According to an expert at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars whose name is Jorge Heine, China has already secured the status of a major trade partner of Latin American …

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Iranian ‘apple of discord’: press review

Many European news media tend to state the fact that the withdrawal of the US from the Iranian nuclear deal has politically cornered the European Union. Even though the decision of the US administration was predictable, Brussels and Europe’s ‘locomotives’ turned out to be unprepared to offer effective response actions. …

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Game of Wrongs or defamation of Clio

Despite the fact that verbal thinking is dominant with adults, the best result in providing information to audience (whose mind is as slow-moving as the most slow-speed fleet escort ship) is achieved through its combination with visual thinking, which is typical for little kids. And so, a competent political or …

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