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The Sieged Democracy. Media Review

The Israeli authorities started preparing for the pre-term elections to the Parliament. According to Jerusalem post, the Prime Minister Netanyahu has already discussed this issue with his colleagues in the Likud party. The head of the government, as it’s supposed by Al-Monitor, will announce the break-up of the Knesset after …

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The government and the society: communication problem

The character of mutual relations between the government and the society are traditionally considered to be the developmental quotient of national democratic institutions. Together with that, there are matters of principle in this sphere that are concerned with every modern state irrespective of level of compliance with Western liberal model. …

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The End of History? Limits and outcomes of democracy

Is modern democracy in its average American-European way a final step of social and political evolution? Political class of the West is confident of it. American philosopher Francis Fukuyama put this thesis as the title of his famous book. He concluded that “the twin crises of authoritarianism and socialist central …

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