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Being Closer to the People. Media Review

Western analysts accuse India’s current leadership of “crazy populism”. According to Business Standard, the Economic Times, U.S. News & World Report, the program of social and economic development, which was announced on the Independence Day by the Prime Minister Modi and pointed up both the significance of a wider support …

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The Sieged Democracy. Media Review

The Israeli authorities started preparing for the pre-term elections to the Parliament. According to Jerusalem post, the Prime Minister Netanyahu has already discussed this issue with his colleagues in the Likud party. The head of the government, as it’s supposed by Al-Monitor, will announce the break-up of the Knesset after …

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Ukrainians are prepared for the presidency of Nalyvaichenko

Carefully cultivated European image of the official Kiev motivates some idealistically oriented Western partners to observe the processes passing in the country through the lens of their own democratic experience. However, there’s a difference between positioning as a democrat, and being a democrat. Ukraine lives under absolutely different laws than …

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