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Plot against Europe

There are some things you can’t comprehend inductively as the majority of people, as the saying goes, do not see the forest for the trees. Here is a simple experiment. Let’s take two pieces of news (at of the time the article is written). The first one is about the …

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Poland on “Russian menace.” Media review

Poland’s establishment stirred up talks over the ways to build up relations with Russia. Previously, the belief of Russia’s “aggressive nature” was the dominant opinion, but now Talaga, observer of Rzeczpospolita, asks to pay attention to arguments for a constructive dialogue. The similar viewpoint is shared not only by the …

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Why the World Will Not Be the Same

Observing the world’s leading economies, it’s easy to see that there has been a split between the US and other countries of the Western world, which is getting deeper and deeper. Saying “the Western world”, I mean not only North America and Western Europe, but also some other countries pursuing …

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Hidden Reality of International Policies

There are at least two Histories. One of them is obvious and publicly available; the other is covert, hidden from the eyes of outsiders under the cloak of secrecy. And it is not hard to find which one is true. Dozens of thousands of learned scholars, holders of authoritative scientific …

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“Truth” and “propaganda” as weapons

Accusatory thrust of claimants for exceptional and rock-solid “truth” of radically different nature as compared to foes’ “propaganda” has become a brand identity of almost every influential media on both sides of the frontline after the humanity “invented” information war yet again. However, inside the competing systems, newsmakers and experts …

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Game of Wrongs or defamation of Clio

Despite the fact that verbal thinking is dominant with adults, the best result in providing information to audience (whose mind is as slow-moving as the most slow-speed fleet escort ship) is achieved through its combination with visual thinking, which is typical for little kids. And so, a competent political or …

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