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Being Closer to the People. Media Review

Western analysts accuse India’s current leadership of “crazy populism”. According to Business Standard, the Economic Times, U.S. News & World Report, the program of social and economic development, which was announced on the Independence Day by the Prime Minister Modi and pointed up both the significance of a wider support …

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Maduro vs Venezuela. Media review

In Venezuela, a new stage of consolidation was initiated by oppositional forces. According to El Tiempo, ‘political opponents of President Maduro realized the mistakes that had been made, as well as, the need to rebuild actually broken coalition ‘Democratic Unity Roundtable’. According to The Latin America Herald Tribune, opponents of …

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‘Sleeping genius’ and violent incompetence

In the USSR, alongside with immeasurable glorification of the Soviet statehood, there existed special cult of fighters against the arbitrary state rule employed as an exploitation tool. Rebels, terrorists, revolutionaries of all sorts belonging to various epochs and geographical locations, were seen as foregoers or supporters of the socialist state, …

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