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Pashinyan stripped the Armenian political field, but social problems remained. Media review

Reuters News Service views recent parliamentary elections in Armenia as a major success of Nikol Pashinyan, acting Prime Minister of Armenia, ‘He has won the constitutional majority of the legislative body, which offers carte blanche for changes that are being envisaged’. However, Yerevan’s political analyst Danielyan doubts that the Armenian …

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Recent crisis events in Taiwan. Media review

‘Taiwan is now on the brink of a severe political crisis’, that’s what The South China Morning Post says about results of local elections, where candidates from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lost in most municipalities. Expert of the University of Cambridge Dr. Chin-Chun Chen describes the DPP failure …

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Rapprochement between Iran and Iraq. Media Review

Foreign media tend to notice certain rapprochement between Iran and Iraq. Tehran is making an additional impulse to cooperation with Baghdad considering activation of regional connections as a response to tightening American sanctions, Al-Monitor comments. The CNBC says the leadership of Iran bets on closer trade and economic partnership. That …

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Plot against Europe

There are some things you can’t comprehend inductively as the majority of people, as the saying goes, do not see the forest for the trees. Here is a simple experiment. Let’s take two pieces of news (at of the time the article is written). The first one is about the …

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US strategy in Transcaucasia. Media review

The recent tour made by the US National Security Advisor J. Bolton in Transcaucasian republics revealed a growing interest of the US Administration in this region, The Washington Times marks. Stratfor attributes the increase in activity of the White House to its growing confrontation with Iran. ‘Washington wants to put …

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A Governmental Crisis In Norway. Media Review

Analyzing the domestic policy in Norway, Aftenposten and Dagbladet state that the situation of the Solberg’s government becomes more and more instable because of the Cabinet’s decreasing rating, which is a result of the corruption scandals involving high representatives of the Progress Party, a member of the ruling coalition. Besides …

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