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Sandinista counter-revolution. Media review

Against the background of an exacerbation of Nicaragua’s political situation, Havana Times accuses the USA of an attempted ouster of the Republic’s leadership. Radio France Internationale (RFI) draws attention to the recent decision of the White House to impose sanctions on some high-ranking officials from President Ortega’s closest entourage. According …

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Why the World Will Not Be the Same

Observing the world’s leading economies, it’s easy to see that there has been a split between the US and other countries of the Western world, which is getting deeper and deeper. Saying “the Western world”, I mean not only North America and Western Europe, but also some other countries pursuing …

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Mexican Anti-Trump. Media Review

The recent victory of the candidate from the Left Alliance Andrés Obrador in presidential elections in Mexico will contribute to further cooling of relations between Mexico and Washington, most commentators believe. The New York Magazine observes, Andrés Obrador will continue to be commensurate with the reputation of a tough critic …

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Family Dispute. Media review

According to analysts, the escalation of trade disputes between the USA and Canada can lead to a systemic crisis between the two countries. As the Globe and Mail writes, non-diplomatic insults of President Trump against Prime Minister Trudeau at the G-7 Summit evoked widespread reaction within Canadian elite that called …

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Velvet Revolution in UN

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in an interview to Swedish SVT expressed his strong wish to carry out principled structural reforms in the UN starting with the Security Council. ‘We face structural problems since the Council represented the world as it had been after World War 2 and not the …

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The End of History? Limits and outcomes of democracy

Is modern democracy in its average American-European way a final step of social and political evolution? Political class of the West is confident of it. American philosopher Francis Fukuyama put this thesis as the title of his famous book. He concluded that “the twin crises of authoritarianism and socialist central …

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