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Austro-Hungarian heritage in current European Union

It is no secret that for some inhabitants of the European House it is not the first experience of coexistence within one State or supra-State structure. A lot of them are not yet free from grudges against their EU partners and other neighbors for violating their country’s sovereignty. Ireland and …

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Velvet Revolution in UN

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in an interview to Swedish SVT expressed his strong wish to carry out principled structural reforms in the UN starting with the Security Council. ‘We face structural problems since the Council represented the world as it had been after World War 2 and not the …

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The End of History? Limits and outcomes of democracy

Is modern democracy in its average American-European way a final step of social and political evolution? Political class of the West is confident of it. American philosopher Francis Fukuyama put this thesis as the title of his famous book. He concluded that “the twin crises of authoritarianism and socialist central …

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How could Russia counter sanctions and missiles?

The latest steps of the United States and its allies in the hybrid war: sanctions against Russian public corporations and missile strikes on the Kremlin’s allies in Syria – have triggered a heated debate in the Russian society. Government officials, military personnel, financial analysts, political experts and average citizens differ …

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Non-Russian Alaska

The Indians fought Russians up to 2004 The sale of Alaska to Americans is still talked about and grieved for by Russians. But what is not widely known is that a bloody and bitter war between Russian colonists and the Tlingit Indian temerarious nation has become one of the causes …

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Different Globalization

The determining influence of global economic, political and cultural unification on local societies could not but generate opposite estimations not only of the very globalization phenomenon but also of abstract models that describe it. Herewith, the critical position of various anti-globalist groups around the world looks naturally marginal owing to …

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